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Aquatic Dictionary
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Aquatic Dictionary is an online dictionary made from your definitions. The aquatic world defined!

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How many website have a glossary, terms dictionary, abbreviation list, basic fish and plant profiles, or other information about things aquatic? Your users are chatting or reading a message forum. Someone is talking about a FO tank. Your user doesn't want to look stupid so they cannot ask "what kind of fish is a FO". What can they do? In the past if you opened up your favorite search engine and type in FO. It comes back with:

"Results 1 - 10 of about 8,370,000 for fo [ definition ] . ( 0.43 seconds)".

Hmmm over 8 million... this isnt looking good... oh wait! cool! you click definition and..... Field Officer? internet abbreviation for Faeroe Islands??? Finance Officer... Foreign Office... oh heck that's not fish... now what... maybe try "fish fo"... darn 1-10 of 259,000.

Maybe your website already has a glossary page. How in depth is this really though? You updated it sometime about 18 months ago. It only has one definition per word for a few dozen terms. Nobody can add to it except you. You dont have the time to add more to it anyway and you know there's a lot more words on some other glossaries you want to include too.

Now there's Aquatic Dictionary. As a webmaster you now have the choice of providing to your users access to a convenient searchable glossary of over 40,000 and growing enthusiast created entries dedicated to anything fish!

You can link to Aquatic Dictionary in any of the following ways:

Customizable Search Box Site Link
Give your users a convenient spot on your site to search for any words they want defined.

Add a simple link anywhere on your site to

Make your pages clickable Make your pages clickable part deux
Include one simple html command on all your web pages and your users can double click any single word they wish to research and it opens a separate window to the Aquatic Dictionary and automatically performs a lookup on that word! Unhappy with the basic limitations of clicking on just one word we went back to the drawing board. Now include one simple html command on all your web pages and your users can select any single word OR a group of words such as a scientific name or phrase. A small orange box displaying "Search at" will apear. Click that box and it opens a separate window to the Aquatic Dictionary and automatically performs a lookup on your selected word(s)!
Aquatic Word of the Day More options....
Serve up a new Aquatic Dictionary definition every day to your users. Every day at midnight a new entry is selected and formatted into a word of the day box.

Coming soon!

Instead of looking for glossaries, lists, and searching for answers across hundreds of websites give your users the ability to search and contribute to the most comprehensive aquatic dictionary in the internet. Join us now!

Aquatic Dictionary is always a work in progress. It is created as a free interactive aquatic dictionary
by it's users. - Powered by the LittleFishTank Network
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